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Senior Aerospace – Bespoke CAD solution

For our client, a manufacturer of components for the aerospace industry, we developed a bespoke CAD solution. 


Senior Aerospace needed both an accurate 3D model of their production facility to enable them to plan and present any future works ‘virtually’ whilst being able to add to the model to produce accurate layouts of all services. The model also needed to be able to be used by the most basic level CAD user, meaning that a bespoke solution was our best option.


We scanned the entire building and perimeter using our Faro Point Cloud Scanner, before producing the computerised models which featured all architecture and the main services running through the space.

The models were initially drawn in Revit then exported and cleaned up into AutoCAD. We provided our client with a fully rotational walk-through of their building. We also provided models of the various sized shelving units that are used to divide the different sections of the production floor. This would allow the shelving to be configured in various layouts in a virtual environment in the first instance, highlighting any potential issues and providing accurate images for gaining sign-off for the alterations.


It is important for our client to constantly review and amend their production line, and the provision of the point cloud scans and 3D models allows them to now manipulate layouts, services, fire points and electrics to continually improve their service delivery and efficiency.

Novelty Chalice – Product Design

Novelty Chalice – Product Design

Our work Background: We were approached by an existing client who was embarking upon an exciting project to amend current designs to create a brand new product. Challenge: The product designs, evolved from a simple chalice which was already in production and sold at...

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Hartland Point Lighthouse – 3D Modelling

Hartland Point Lighthouse – 3D Modelling

Our work Background: Hartland Point Lighthouse is a Grade II listed building built in 1973, located at Hartland Point in Devon. Prior to the tower becoming automated in 1984, the lighthouse, steeped in history, had served as accommodation for four keepers and their...

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