Design for Manufacturing
Published: November 7, 2019

One of our most recent features explored 3D printing and the benefits it’s bringing to the ever-changing world of manufacturing. It reduces both time and cost in the production and assembly of parts, refining processes and increasing efficiency.

But even before we get to the production (or printing) stage, design plays an equally vital role in the effectiveness of your processes. As our Chairman and Founder, Trevor Nickson, told us in a recent interview to mark DATS’ 60th year, “Design is the beginning of everything…and without design we’d have nothing.”

Here, we highlight the importance of design for manufacturing and why it should form an integral part of your process.

How can design for manufacturing benefit your business?


1. By simplifying your process

Implementing a ‘design for manufacturing’ stage into your overall process can allow you to find the quickest or most efficient way of doing things. It’ll help you to simplify your production, cutting out unnecessary or time-consuming steps. As we know, time saving equates to cost saving. You can even test redesigned and enhanced designs fast through using 3D printed prototypes

2. By pinpointing problems before production

Think of a ‘design for manufacturing’ phase as essential planning that will save you time further down the line. By working your way through the different stages of production, you’re more likely to identify problematic scenarios before hitting snags while production is in full flow. Again, 3D printing can help with prototypes and testing.





3. By standardising your process

Another key point for saving costs is bringing standardisation into your process. Consider creating modular designs that will simplify amendments to your product or designing parts that can be reused across numerous production lines. Implementing a design stage can also help you to identify where standard components could be used in place of more costly/time consuming customised ones.

4. By ensuring compliance

Designing for manufacturing will ensure you’re taking measures to avoid errors in your workflow. Non-compliance discovered further down the line can be disastrous, time consuming and expensive, but can be avoided through taking the time to incorporate a design phase.

5. By reducing set up time

Design your process in advance to reduce the number of setups needed. Take the opportunity within your design phase to identify where any upgrades in materials, equipment and tools may be necessary and where improvements that will save time can be implemented into your production line.

  These are just a few of the reasons why more and more of our clients are realising the value and importance of Design for Manufacturing. Our experienced team are already partnering with leading manufacturers across the UK, drawing up complex, bespoke yet accurate designs that considerably save time and cost. Streamline and improve your manufacturing processes with a competent partner who is ready to accompany you on your path forward. Get in touch with us today to find out more.



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